Customer Testimonials

SlideMoor Is The Only Thing That Saved My Boat From Being Damaged!

I had tried everything whips, bumpers and even expensive waffle bumpers. One of my expensive waffle bumpers actually burst open from the pressure of the boat against it. The first year I had my boat (2008) it cost me $1,000.00 to fix the damage from banging against the bumpers and dock. Since I purchased SlideMoor I have had no damage at all. I am on my 10th season with SlideMoor. My boat still looks new. I have replaced the rubber bumper once and plan to do it again after this season. I would definitely recommend SlideMoor. It is the only thing that saved my boat from being damaged year after year.

Richard Lambert Merrimack, NH

I Highly Recommend SlideMoor!

I used to have a 24′ boat and was using a boat lift. Everyone loves boat lifts but in my opinion they damage your seawall or dock. I had my boat lift for over 10 years and now my seawall is starting to crack where the lift was installed. Two years ago I installed SlideMoor and have been very satisfied with it! It’s GREAT and I would recommend it to anyone who asks. SlideMoor makes it easier for people to board the vessel; made it so I was able to secure my boat when I didn’t have pilings for the port side; and it lets me not worry about tides ever! And the qualities of their hardware is top notch. In two years I have never had an issue. I highly recommend SlideMoor if it is a possible set up for you.

Benjamin Tibi Miami Beach, FL

It’s Nice Not Having To Worry!

During Hurricane Irma, it was nice to not have to worry about how the boat was tied up. The system kept me from having to leave slack in the lines for the storm surge. This allowed me to keep the boat snug to my dock.

Bill Punta Gorda, FL

I Love Managing Fewer Dock Lines!

Before SlideMoor I had multiple lines, was experiencing black marks, line chaffing and line clutter on my boat. Now, I love managing (3) lines TOTAL when operating my boat! My boat is always a close step away from the dock and it is much more secure. My boat is docked stern in. I have a SlideMoor on the “hip” tie and conventional bowlines to the dolphins. When I back in, I simply secure the SlideMoor and the bowlines. That’s it! I love it!

Ron Hink Fort Lauderdale, FL

I Don’t Do Testimonials But This System Deserves One!

Hurricane Irma’s eye came within 10 miles of our home in Punta Gorda. At first she emptied the water from the canal system. SlideMoor held my 45′ Island Packet in place as she rested on the bottom, winds were no concern. The boat barely moved. Later, when the surge came, SlideMoor simply rode it up. There would have been no way to securely tie the boat with dock lines to account for the 8 foot swing from ebb to flood. It would have left too much slack in the lines. We rode the storm out at home and watched the entire event. I don’t do testimonials but this system deserves one. No damage!

Bill Punta Gorda, FL

Insurance Companies Should Discount Rates For Customers That Install SlideMoors!

My 48′ SeaRay just went through a direct hit from Irma without a scratch thanks to my SlideMoor’s! Thank you for a great product! The insurance companies should discount rates for customers that install SlideMoor’s!

Gary Fort Myers, FL

Thank You For Making Such A Great Product!

Just wanted to share with you that my SlideMoor installation totally protected my 37 foot Nordic Tug from 75 mph winds here in Tierra Verde, FL from Irma. Thank you for making such a great product!

Roger Podwoski Tierra Verde, FL

Our Boat Went Through The Hurricane Without Any Damage!

Our boat went through the hurricane (Irma) without any damage. I put out a couple of extra lines, but the SlideMoor worked great!

Roy Chapman Florida

My 44′ Endeavour Trawler Cat Came Through Unscathed!

I’m happy to join the SlideMoor Hurricane Survival Team! My 44′ Endeavour Trawler Cat came through unscathed! We live in Crystal Beach, FL. Just south of Tarpon Springs!

Scott Crystal Beach, FL

Absolutely Unbelievable That She Survived!

Our 32 foot Prowler on a SlideMoor after Irma in Marathon. Absolutely unbelievable that she survived.

Nathan Marathon Prop LLC. Marathon, FL

My SlideMoor System Saved My Pontoon Boat!

My SlideMoor System saved my pontoon boat during Irma! I had a 360 degree camera in the boat and a cellular connection. I was able to watch the tide rise in real time. You can see the dock completely underwater. Thanks for a great product!

Terry Delmonaco Florida

My Boat Went Through Hurricane Irma With No Problems!

I live in Cape Coral, FL. Just wanted to let you know that my boat just went through Irma with no problems! It is a 21 foot Center Console. I had your system installed by Stokes Marine.

Mike Dewar Cape Coral, FL

SlideMoor Is One Of The Finest Products I Have Ever Come Across!

SlideMoor is one of the finest products I have ever come across! I do my boating in Chesapeake Bay and keep my boat at the main dock in my marina. I am exposed to the elements but don’t want to be anywhere else because of the spectacular views. SlideMoor allows me to stay where I am at. It has worked flawlessly, despite the heavy seas and powerful winds. When you come across a product as good as SlideMoor you want everyone to know about it!

Mike Chesapeake Bay

SlideMoor Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!

We recently had one of your SlideMoor systems installed and it’s the best thing since “sliced bread”! What a difference it has made to our boating, it’s so much easier to untie and go and return too. It secures the boat so tightly to the dock that the other advantage we never even thought of was that when other boats go by, albeit supposed to be at minimum wake, she hardly rocks at all. We would recommend it to everyone that has a similar dock/boat set up to ours. Thank you for a great product!

Brenda Florida

SlideMoor Held Up Admirably Through Hurricane Matthew

I am located on the central east of Florida. We recently endured Hurricane Matthew coming through our area. My 48′ Ocean sustained 75-100 mph wind gusts and was secured with SlideMoor. The SlideMoor system held up admirably. I can not stress the ease of use of this product. The boat was held stable against the SlideMoor and moved effortlessly up and down its rail with the tide and waves that occur as other vessels pass by. This is one of the best marine products , I have come across! I highly recommend this system.

Anthony Dimucci Florida

SlideMoor Is Easy To Install!

I love my SlideMoor! I did the install myself and it was very easy. I am so pleased! I have a 4 ft. tidal change and my SlideMoor works great! Walter

Walter New Port Richey

SlideMoor Is Maintenance and Trouble Free!

We used SlideMoor to mount a floating dock, the installation was very easy! All we had to do was install the lag bolts and secure the floating dock to SlideMoor. This dock we did the installation on has been in service for 3-4 years and has been maintenance and trouble free. SlideMoor works fabulously!

Nick Lile Bay Marina Inc. Naples, FL

SlideMoor Works Great!

During the storm that hit the Fort Myers area this past weekend my boat did just fine, in fact the water was a foot deep over the dock but my boat just went up and back down. SlideMoor works great!

Karl Fort Myers, FL

SlideMoor is the Only Way to Go!

I had the traditional bumpers and numerous dock lines before SlideMoor. Where my boat is moored experiences rough water and on average a 6 foot tide.The SlideMoor system easily handles the rough water and the tidal change and has made docking an easy assignment. It’s the only way to go!

Mark Daugherty Marco Island, FL

60′ Trawler Moored Perfectly with SlideMoor

In the past I just used regular mooring lines and I had issues with adjusting the lines, positioning the boat in the slip, and pulling the boat toward the pier for boarding. Now with SlideMoor, mooring our 60’ trawler is very easy, and the boat is set perfectly every time. I would recommend SlideMoor for simplicity of mooring your boat, and the peace of mind when boarding your boat.

Igor Sarasota, FL

SlideMoor Holds My 55 ft. Sportfish Secure With Two Lines

Before SlideMoor I had four pilings and a dock. The pilings were too close causing me not to have enough scope. As a result my boat would hit the pilings at high tide and would be too tight at low tide. When I got my SlideMoor I was able to remove the outside pilings making docking as easy as pulling up to the dock! Now I can hold my 55 ft. Sportfish safely with two lines!

Steven Woodard Cape Coral, FL

I Recommend SlideMoor Without Hesitation!

“Before I installed SlideMoor, dock lines and fenders always made it difficult to leave the house for any extended time because I always had to adjust the lines. With SlideMoor I now leave my house with the confidence that the boat will remain secure regardless of tide changes and minor storms. I would absolutely recommend SlideMoor without hesitation. My neighbors admire the secure hookup and ease of operation.”

Carl Candullo Ocala, FL

SlideMoor Saves Me Thousands a Year!

“The SlideMoor boat docking system has been amazing. I tied my boat up in Marco Island, FL in July and went home to Colorado for 3 months. Upon each return, I find my boat exactly as I left it. I’m also saving thousands of dollars a year not keeping my boat in dry storage. I recommend SlideMoor to anyone looking for a safe, simple, and inexpensive way to keep their boat in the water.”

Jon Valliere Marco Island, FL

10 Year Owner Loves the Security of SlideMoor!

“I’ve had my SlideMoors for 10 years. What I like the most about the system is once the boat is secure to the SlideMoor it doesn’t move, regardless of wind or current. This is a big advantage when high winds would otherwise be pulling, tugging, or snapping lines. Also, I never have to adjust lines for tides and with SlideMoor. Docking is always easy with SlideMoor partly because no fenders need to be set, as the boat never touches the dock. All the issues of conventional tie up go away. Anyone with a permanent dock would love the security of the SlideMoor system.”

Ray Noyes Sarasota, FL

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